Rutile Titanium Dioxide TiO2

Rutile Titanium Dioxide TiO2

Organic bismuth catalysts Performance 1. Selective polyurethane gel catalysts; 2. Compared with Tin catalysts, it has better selectivity to NCO, and end products’ mechanical performance is better; 3. Induction time is short, viscosity increases gradually. Advantages of Organic Bismuth...
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        Organic bismuth catalysts


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1.  Selective polyurethane gel catalysts;
2. Compared with Tin catalysts, it has better selectivity to NCO, and end products’ mechanical performance is better;
3.  Induction time is short, viscosity increases gradually. 

Advantages of Organic Bismuth polyurethane catalysts  

1.Safe & Environmentally-friendly catalysts, can replace Plumbum(Pb) & Mercury(Hg) catalysts and Tin catalysts which are being abolished by legislation; 

2.   Bi catalysts have a better stability to hydrolysis resistance than tin catalysts, reduce reaction selectivity with Water, reduce sidereactions of NCO group and Water reaction in Water-borne PU dispersing agent;
3.  Promote the reaction of NCO/OH , avoid sidereactions of NCO and reduce CO2 form;
4.  In one-component system, emancipate the amine shielded by water, rather than promote the reaction of water and NCO;
5. Combination of Bismuth & zinc has synergy effect, making formulation and production more flexible, reducing energy consumption and increasing profits;
6.Can be used alone, or used together with amine or other organic metal compounds as auxiliary catalyst. 







Dispersing agent


PU Slurry




Package:25kg/drum、50 kg/drum、200 kg/drum

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