HT2801S CAS 3648-18-8 Pu Catalyst

HT2801S CAS 3648-18-8 Pu Catalyst

Polyurethane elastomers, adhesives, sealants, coatings, rigid foams, RIM, silicone products, etc.
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Product Details

CAS No.:                     3648-18-8

MF:                              (C8H16)2Sn(OOC11H23)2

MW:                            743.76

Physical property

Specific gravity:          1.01-1.03     

Refractive index:         1.47-1.474 n20/D (lit.)



Appearance:                Pale yellow transparent liquid

Tin Content:                15-16%

Water:                         ≤1.0%



1. non-toxic organotin stabilizer;

2. Good lubricity, weatherability, transparency,compatibility, and no vulcanized pollution, no leachability;

3. Lubricity is the best but its heat stability is the lowest in organic tins, and it has preliminary colour and lustre.

4. Lower toxicity, repalce DBTDL for PU



1. Non-toxic stabilizer for PVC food packaging;

2. Has cooperative effect, used with mercaptan type organic tins or Cadmium & Barium soap stabilizers;

3. For PVC soft film and tube of food and drug package;

4. Lubricant for Hard transparent food packaging material;

5. For Medical silicone rubber



Kept in cool dry places, after use, lid airtightly timely, reducing contact with air.

Should avoid touching the skin, mucous membrane, if touched, wash immediately with plenty of water.



25KG/Plastic Drum, 200KG/Drum

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