MBTO-Monobutyltin Oxide-CAS 2273-43-0

MBTO-Monobutyltin Oxide-CAS 2273-43-0

Solubility in water Insoluble in water and most organic solvents, only soluble in strong base and mineral acid Melting point Directly decompose under high temperature PRODUCT APLICATIONS . Saturated polyester resin . Unsaturated polyester resi . Polymeric plasticizer
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Product Details

    Monobutyltin oxide (MBTO)

    CAS No.:2273-43-0

    MF: BuSnOOH图片3(001).jpg

    MW: 208.83


    Physical property

    Monobutyltin oxide is insoluble in water and most organic solvent,

    only soluble in alkali and mineral acid.



    Appearance: White powder

    Sn:  56.5±0.5%

    Cl Content: ≤1.0%

    Loss on drying: ≤1.0%



    1. Monobutyltin oxide is used for synthesizing saturated polyester resin.

    2. Monobutyltin oxide is used for producing unsaturated polyester resin.

    3. Monobutyltin oxide is used for producing polymer plasticizer.



    Kept in cool dry places, after use, lid airtightly timely, reducing contact with air.

    Should avoid touching the skin, mucous membrane, if touched, wash immediately with plenty of water.


    Packing      25KG/ Drum

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REACH registered for EU market.Had been exported to many polyester resins manufacture and also chemical importers/distributors in overseas for many years. With high reputation and stable quality.


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