How Polyurethane Catalysts Can Be Demanded

- Jun 25, 2018-

Various types of catalysts

Amine catalysts are good catalysts for the reaction of NCO and water; organic tin and organic mercury have high selectivity for the reaction of NCO and OH, and are insensitive to water and NCO reactions; some new catalysts such as temperature-sensitive catalysts have different temperatures. Catalytic efficiency is widely used in some two-component polyurethane products.

Use catalyst purpose

Usually we use the purpose of the catalyst has two main purposes: 1, let the reaction proceed in the direction we expected; 2, adjust the reaction rate, shorten the reaction time, increase production efficiency.

Different catalyst selection principles for polyurethane products

Polyurethane products can be roughly classified into foams, elastomers, and polyurethane resins. Below we analyze the selection of catalysts for these three types of products.

Polyurethane foam catalyst selection

Polyurethane foam products are mainly synthesized from polyethers, isocyanates, foaming agents, catalysts and the like.